Beastie Boys

Hip Hop Hall of Famer

Inducted in: 2006

Category: Performer

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Correction: Beastie Boys were already inducted? I missed that. Was deployed in Iraq on this one

Posted by jrock15302 on Tuesday, 07.29.08 @ 17:59pm

To bad they sucked.Im sure Masta Ace and Kool G Rap will be on the outside looking in but these idiots are actually in the hip-hop hall of fame.

Posted by Chris on Monday, 01.5.09 @ 00:31am

Beastie Boys don't suck!!! You're the idiot to think Paul's Boutique is'nt a classic album. They had the first #1 rap album before anybody.

Posted by Jenny on Thursday, 10.15.09 @ 04:21am

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! Beastie Boys are freakin awesome dude, shut up!!

Posted by cool hip hop jammer on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 08:46am

jammer is right the Beastie boys are the bomb they are by far the best rap group ever!!!!!!! so just shut up and accept the fact that you are wrong!

Posted by tatertot22 on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 08:50am

yeah, taters rite. the beasty boys are the best

Posted by me on Wednesday, 05.5.10 @ 08:39am

Dito man, thanks for your support.

Posted by cool hip hop jammer on Wednesday, 05.5.10 @ 08:42am

Beastie Boys are the best group ever, but they do deserve respect for what they did. But I gotta admit, this site is pretty wack. Kool G Rap, R.A. The Rugged Man, Slug, Vinnie Paz, MF Doom, Rocya Da 5'9, Big L, etc are all missing from this site.

Posted by Spon on Saturday, 12.11.10 @ 03:17am

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