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First Record in: 1994

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Should Bone Thugs 'N Harmony be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame?

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I think Bone Thugs N Harmony deserve to be on the Hip Hop Hall of Fame because their love and desire for their music and their fans is incredible. Bone Thugs were on top of the world when the song "Tha Crossroads" single was released. And til this day, they still don't get props for such a GREAT song. They love what they do and they been real to the game for 13 years. They are legends and i believe they deserve to be in the Hip Hop Hall of Fame.

Posted by Erick on Saturday, 07.19.08 @ 19:18pm

Bone Thugs are also the only artist to do acts with Eazy-E, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., and Big Pun.

Posted by lemuel on Wednesday, 08.27.08 @ 16:55pm

Bone Thugs N Harmony is known for pioneering the fast rap style and harmonizing their vocals. They are unique

Posted by Chris on Monday, 10.6.08 @ 16:14pm

Track record speaks for itself

Posted by T on Friday, 01.9.09 @ 14:57pm

They been going strong for what, 15 years now? and are still continuing to deliver outstanding shows, and selling plenty of albums to compete with the artists of this generation. I always found Bone to be unique and diverse from most majority of other rap groups, as well solo artists throughout the 90s, as well from 2000 through today.
The artists they make compilation of hits with speaks for their character. ranging from Eazy E, 2pac, and Notorious, to artists from other genres such as Phil Collins. they just deserve every bit of credit and support, thus i believe they've earned a spot in the hall whether it be sooner or later

Posted by wm5 on Tuesday, 05.19.09 @ 21:32pm

now these guyz re very sick
their re so bad
the wall their fall it really getts mi crazy 4 really
they re the bad 1

Posted by dai kash on Wednesday, 03.6.13 @ 00:43am

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