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First Record in: 2008

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Should Cory Gunz be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame?

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he shold beccause he mad ill and to be so youn most rappers coldnt get close to him

Posted by chantia on Wednesday, 03.18.09 @ 10:35am

he got skills to of corse he should be in it

Posted by cara on Wednesday, 03.18.09 @ 10:37am

cory gunz is that nigga he might be young as hell and aint really out yet but when he do its gonna be crazy he dont bullshit around he always go hard and all i gotta say is keep doin you especially comin from a chick

Posted by rtaindrop on Wednesday, 03.18.09 @ 19:18pm

he aint ready yet he not even out like that he probably could rap and all but he not really on this level yet maybe if he came out earlier

Posted by exclusive on Tuesday, 03.24.09 @ 10:37am

Yo cory gunz is whack... and all yal is whack fo thinkin gunz got skills... yal can all eat a dick nigga...

Posted by datdudetdub on Friday, 05.20.11 @ 21:17pm

I say yes. If you don't know why look him up.

Posted by Rapfan on Saturday, 05.21.11 @ 17:25pm

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