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Should Dr. Dre be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame?

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as a producer, dr. dre is the greatest of all time...period

Posted by baby blood on Tuesday, 08.12.08 @ 22:37pm

absolutely. he's ill. has to be included in the list. he's the greatest alive

Posted by venuus on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 05:08am

He should have been inducted a long ass time ago!!! How does snoop and cube get in before him????

Posted by D-wade on Tuesday, 10.7.08 @ 14:18pm

Whoever thinks Dre is the all time greatest producer clearly doesn't know anything about producing hip-hop.DJ Premier amoung others puts this guy to shame not to mention he doesnt write he own lyrics .Ice Cube should get in before him thats a no brainer.
He should get in as a producer and the chronic should help his chances not to mention he's a icon but get the facts straight people

Posted by Chris on Monday, 01.5.09 @ 00:10am

the greatest producer ever by far......
and i ll tell you why.... he is the only producer in the history of hip hop that has changed the sound of hip hop 3 times!
the first one was GANGSTA RAP with NWA, EAZY-E, ICE CUBE and ICE-T
the 3rd with his album 2001 he changed again the sound of hip hop towards 00s

Its obvious DR. DRE makes an album and hip hop follows....
With DETOX he ll do that again ;)

Posted by chrispapajohn on Saturday, 02.28.09 @ 22:39pm

GREATEST PRODUCER OF ALL TIMES?!!?!?!!! I'll give the guy his props, he did produce N.W.A.. After that what Dr. Dre albums are standing the times that are still being played over and over? His later productions are watered down synths, weak beats and lame hooks. Ever heard of a guy called Prince Paul? DJ Nu-Mark? Chief Excel? Lil Jon? Sir Jynx? Ric Roc? DJ Premier? El-P? Rick Ruban? Edan? RZA? The list goes on. Unless you only like one style of hip hop you can't single out one "Best producer of all time". There are many great producres and I would barely put Dr. Dre in the middle of that list and only because of what he did with N.W.A.. I really don't think most of the people on this site no $h*t about hip hop.

Posted by Britches on Thursday, 03.26.09 @ 20:52pm

dre is the best producer hands down. and an ausome rapper, he brought eminem into the game hes tight

Posted by bigreese on Friday, 05.22.09 @ 12:02pm

He is a good producer but he aint the greatest

Posted by Maya on Tuesday, 07.28.09 @ 11:01am

Best. Producer. Ever.

Had the bright idea to sample music that doesn't suck, like soul and funk. He can also rap as well if not better than the vast majority of rappers alive.

And plus, if it weren't for Dr Dre, there would be no NWA, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, or D.O.C., and who would inspire Kanye West and Lil Jon?

Posted by DGD on Wednesday, 11.11.09 @ 08:12am

How is he not the greatest producer of all time?
That's insane!

Brought N.W.A to the masses.
Brought Snoop Dogg to the masses.
Brought Eminem to the masses(Who with the release of Relapse outsold 2pac. 80 Million albums sold)
Produced some of the hottest rap songs of all time.
That's crazy to say he's not the greatest.

Posted by James on Monday, 12.7.09 @ 17:25pm

he is the greatest producer of all time... his a genius

Posted by briian05 on Wednesday, 02.17.10 @ 13:33pm

He's the best producer of all time mostly every person he's produced has become or will become an icon of hip hop 3 people already in Eazy E Cube and Snoop 3 all time Greats He's a legend and should of been in the HOF a longgggg time ago!

Posted by Huey on Thursday, 04.1.10 @ 19:15pm

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