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Should Eminem be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame?

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best rapper alive even if any rapper retired.

Posted by bo c on Sunday, 01.11.09 @ 20:45pm

one of the best rappers alive and his album curtain call was one of the best albums ever

Posted by ms tt on Wednesday, 04.1.09 @ 10:48am

This in my oppinion is the best rapper to live. with 3 emmy winning albums. and the sickest music. he dosent just rap about shooting stuff, hes original and his freestyles are sick. one of the best skilled out there there is no question if eminem should be in the hall of fame.

Posted by bigreese on Friday, 05.22.09 @ 11:59am

Best rapper alive no doubt. people who disagree just go against him either because hes white or because most people either absolutly love him or hate him EMINEM IS THE GREATEST ALIVE

Posted by sean on Tuesday, 06.2.09 @ 15:05pm

Some people buy his albums because he is white.I know he's the only rap album they own and if they gave other artist it's probably the beastie boys or dj shadow

Posted by Leon on Sunday, 06.14.09 @ 20:10pm

Hellz yes, Eminem is the best rapper alive, wayyyyyyyy better than lil wayne, or any other rapper out there who thinks theyre the "BEST ALIVE" EMINEM IS THAT! Every single song hes on is great, everytime you hear his rhymes, lines, and everything your jaw just drops, so i think hes a great rapper, and even the best alive too! (RELAPSE WAS AWESOME!!!)

Posted by FD on Saturday, 08.29.09 @ 22:24pm

After 2pac, Jay-Z, Biggie, and Rakim, Slim Shady is the best rapper ever! He writes deep, meaningful lyrics that people of any race, religion, or gender can relate to. (He's also a mysognistic homophobe, but who cares!!)

Posted by DGD on Wednesday, 11.11.09 @ 08:08am

BTW. Beastie Boys suck!

Posted by DGD on Wednesday, 11.11.09 @ 08:08am


Posted by nick on Tuesday, 12.15.09 @ 03:52am

no doubt in my mind, has some of the sickest freestyles and rhymes out there.

Posted by phat-smurf on Monday, 03.1.10 @ 16:41pm

hes is one of the best, and needs to be inducted. whoever runs this is a dumbass

Posted by me on Wednesday, 05.5.10 @ 08:53am

Too good to pass up man. Me is right, but don't criticize him hes just mad that they're inducted yet.

Posted by cool hip hop jammer on Wednesday, 05.5.10 @ 08:55am

Eminem without a doubt deserves a spot in the hall of fame, he changed the face of hip hop, has amazing word play, can flow like mad, kick a good freestyle, holds his own is beefing, one of the real rappers in the game, he is all in one. For those of you pulling rather him being white sells more records, stfu seriously this was moaned over years ago, find something new to cry about. He has proved his talent and to help prove my own opinion alone I listen to a lot of rap artists who are not just white these include Rakim, Bug L, Nas, Tupac, The Roots, NWA, Run DMC and so many more. I have a list of probably 20 rap artists that have made a name for themselves and deserve to be in the hip hop hall of fame, Eminem would be on my top five, biased or not if you listen to actual rap, you would know Eminem has worked for this and lived up to his name.

Posted by Renegade4Life on Sunday, 07.17.11 @ 02:41am

Eminem is a fricken terribly rapper he's really bad all he does is b**ch In his songs 2Pac, biggie, Big l, the game, and eazy e r they best rappers ever and 2Pac is the best out of all of them there r all above eminem by far eminem is Justin bieber and ja rule combined he sucks if eminem is inducted its not a hall of fame eminem's name shouldn't Be mentioned cuz 2pac and other actual good rappers r on here if u listen to eminem or d12 u don't listen to real rap at all

Posted by Joe on Friday, 03.30.12 @ 18:44pm

eminem is the greatest rapper dead or alive. he doesnt degrade women or talk about unnecessary stuff he's a real person and he gets angry and sad and shows his love for his kids and has gone through more than enough hell in his life to help others get through it too. an amazing artist!!

Posted by taylor on Tuesday, 09.4.12 @ 13:26pm

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