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Should Kanye West be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame?

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So what if his ego is huge as hell? He's one of hip-hop's biggest superstars and he's already becoming a legend for only being in the rap game for almost 5 years.
Think about it, he's produced so many hit records that it's ridiculous. He basically a modern day Dr. Dre.
He has been a solo artist since 2004, but he began producing for artists such as Jay-Z in the mid 1990s.
So I say he has a great chance in 2029.

Posted by Justin on Tuesday, 09.23.08 @ 11:56am

when kanye came out, he was real with what he said he diidnt have a corny song yet and thats good but, now it seems like he kinda fake by making songs off of other people songs and he didnt stick to his words about havin half naked girls in his video yeah that nigga make some ill ass beats but at the same time he gotta stay true to hip hop

Posted by ms tt on Monday, 04.6.09 @ 10:48am

100% yes. None better than Kanye right now.

Posted by val on Thursday, 09.30.10 @ 13:34pm

ready for the new kanye to drop. bring it.

Posted by reg v on Tuesday, 10.19.10 @ 15:51pm

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