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First Record in: 1988

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Should Kid 'n Play be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame?

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kidnplay they were my parents favorite and they were my favorite

Posted by ? on Saturday, 01.10.09 @ 14:57pm

If Kid N Play had never done nothing else, they would be automatic legends because of the first House Party film! This is by far the most important movie in the history of Hip Hop! It illustrates the time period of the Golden Age of Hip Hop when it was still young but a major factor; It illustrates Hip Hop culture at its best (the dress styles, the box cutz, the spoken slang, etc.); it illustrates the musical creativity with Kid N Play's freestyle battles and the dancing. Most of all it is a great and important coming of age film, especially for young African American Americans.

Posted by Rashad on Tuesday, 02.9.10 @ 11:39am

First hip hop duo to have a Saturday morning cartoon.

Posted by Pete Flores on Sunday, 07.17.16 @ 20:27pm

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