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Should Lil Wayne be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame?

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lil wayne somethin otta the forest, i aint no hater but he look like a bird and his dreads is the feathers. he gotta be out his mind if he think he the best rapper alive because he damn sure dont come before nas, and jay z he need to rethink his strategy

Posted by ms tt on Tuesday, 04.7.09 @ 10:46am

hey, well lil wayne is my idol. <br>
this man is incredible. have you ever seen a rapper that does rock rap and r&b?
i dont think so.


Posted by kelsey on Wednesday, 04.8.09 @ 07:43am

hey, well lil wayne is my idol. <br>
this man is incredible. have you ever seen a rapper that does rock rap and r&b?
i dont think so.


Posted by kelsey on Wednesday, 04.8.09 @ 07:43am

lil wayne is not that good. im tired of people bowing down to him and kissing his butt like he is the greatest rapper ever. im tired of it. if you understand true hip hop (NOT RAP) you'll understand that he is straight up garbage. he can't hold a candle to the legends like run dmc,krs one.rakim,nwa,2pac,biggie,big daddy kane,gangstarr,tribe,nas,common,wu tang clan,public enemy,etc......

Posted by x on Thursday, 04.9.09 @ 10:47am

oh as in response to kelsey who says she never heard a rapper do rock,r&b and rap you must not have been listening to hip hop or rap for a long time. ive heard many artist do that but didnt really get the recongnition for it. uhh ll cool j in particular. so what makes "WEEZY" so damn special and important.
p.s: alot of rappers are doing that nowadays!

no school like the old school baby!!!!

Posted by x on Thursday, 04.9.09 @ 10:55am

I didn't like wayne when he first came out. he seemed like too much of a wangsta. and i guess he still is, but no doubt he's got the sickest lyrics i've heard in awhile. and in the carter III, he jus blew me away with how he made you wanna go and knock someone off their feet listenin to A Milli. so much attitude, the kind of feelin you get listenin to wu-tang, onyx, dmx, etc. And now im listenin to some of his new stuff on the radio and I was like... wow. This guy's rap is unlike anything else out there today, and different in style than anyone who came before him.

Posted by c on Thursday, 04.16.09 @ 14:56pm

Lil wayne should not be in the hall of fame, he sounds like a kid going through peuberdy and almost all of his songs make no sense, hes just another mainstream rapper. i really liked the carter 3. he isnt too bad but definetly not hall of fame material

Posted by BigReese on Friday, 05.22.09 @ 11:46am

hey kelsey here is somone who has done rock and rap, both better than wayne- kid rock, and here are others:
Shop Boyz
50 cent
you are obviously a mainstream music listener, what are you doing on this site

Posted by bigreese on Sunday, 05.24.09 @ 07:46am

lil wayne is garbage his r and b is shit and piss hip hop is the best not s and get yo music on

Posted by logic on Sunday, 08.2.09 @ 15:53pm

Lil Wayne's alright but hes not the best alive, he has potential to be one of the best alive, but at the moment hes just wasting it by making meaningless tracks about weed, money, and sex.

Posted by FD on Saturday, 08.29.09 @ 22:28pm

F*** No!!!!!!!
He sucks!
He cant rap 4 S***.
Please poeple no one ever vote him in.
He was way sicker when he was younger.
But thats it.The only thing I give him props 4
is his tats.

Posted by James on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 20:01pm

lil wayne is garbage hes a total moron

Posted by logic on Wednesday, 10.28.09 @ 10:19am

Lil Wayne is what got me into hip-hop! He rocks!

Posted by DGD on Wednesday, 11.11.09 @ 08:04am

Bigreese all his songs make no sense because u can't spell worth shit lol. U spelled puberty wrong dumbass

Posted by GreenFeen16 on Tuesday, 01.5.10 @ 04:43am

Big Reese eminem, jay-z, 50 cent are all mainstream by the way. FYI. And they hav not done rock before lol. Even tho I don't approve of Wayne doing rock but watever. Big Reese maybe u need to think before u insult someone plz.

Posted by Greenfeen on Tuesday, 01.5.10 @ 04:51am

you spelt 'spelt' wrong.

Posted by papa z on Sunday, 01.10.10 @ 02:56am

i see no form of hip hop in lil wayne's music. hip pop yes, but not hip hop. people should learn what the true art form of hip hop is before taking any sides. nothing against lil wayne himself, but he IS NOT hip hop. not trying to hate, but trust me when you learn the true art form of hip hop you will know he does not represent it.

Posted by papa z on Sunday, 01.10.10 @ 03:00am

Lil wayne iz tha best rapper alive,no doubt about tht,he can do every type of music he come across

Posted by YOUNG BAT on Monday, 03.15.10 @ 02:45am

I have not heard one rapper who's name starts with 'lil' that is worth listening to.

Posted by Tyler on Wednesday, 05.5.10 @ 00:44am

this is a bloody hiphop site not poo lyrics that make no sence site search the real hip hop the ones that are tryi n2 make a living by gettin out the getto and geting there paper on words lil wayne shot him self hahah hes a moron and the best ever is BIG L no doubt no one has his lyric ability evry1 who said lil wayne is good haha thats not hip hop

Posted by marcelo on Sunday, 06.6.10 @ 10:04am

How many people who buy waynes records had heard of him before 'lollipop'? The guys is a Joke and a disgrace

Posted by Keepinreal on Friday, 04.8.11 @ 19:48pm

Hatters Wayne the truth this man has come a long way from nothing too something his style is incredible keep it up tunchie

Posted by j$$$$ on Wednesday, 05.11.11 @ 23:47pm

Hatters Wayne the truth this man has come a long way from nothing too something his style is incredible keep it up tunchie

Posted by j$$$$ on Wednesday, 05.11.11 @ 23:49pm

Lil Wayne is a beast incredible flow.amazing lyrics right of da dome no writhing.he too great
1. Tupac
2. Notorious B.I.G
3. Jay-Z
4. Lil Wayne
5. Snoop & Dre plus Cube

Posted by bsub on Wednesday, 05.25.11 @ 12:19pm

If a freakin' worthless clown like lil wayne gets in then the hip hop awards have sold out just like all the other so called "hip hop artists" around today. He shouldn't be a thought or even an afterthought. There are sooooooo many others out there who should be in there already what the hell makes lil wayne think he is even in the same universe as people like BDP, EPMD and Busta Rhymes who haven't gotten in yet???

Posted by Anthony on Tuesday, 01.31.12 @ 03:39am

You people are sick, it's a shame you blast someone with a drug addiction. All of you should definitely watch the Carter documentary before you judge. For the guy who said Wayne sucked before lollipop, you're a joke. Carter II was arguably his best album. That was before "Lollipop" wasn't it? Let me be clear, Wayne was on his way to greatness but drugs really destroyed him. Anyone can tell the differance. He began his codeine addiction after Carter III, he was forced to stop because of a prison sentence In which he released "I Am Not A Human Being." which was a good album. Now he's back on Codeine, almost died, and I've listened to "I Am Not A Human Being II," which he's been recording while on drugs, and it's not that good. He has a few good songs on there like Trigger Finger or Gunwalk but overall the album isn't that great. If you think Waynes whole career was trash, you should slap the shit out of yourself. I'll suggest some songs to you that should change your mind.

Posted by Gio on Sunday, 03.24.13 @ 01:26am

Tie My Hands
Shoot Me Down
La La La
Tha Mobb
Best Rapper Alive
Hustler Musik
Mr. Carter
Let The Beat Build
Something You Forgot
Nightmares Of The Bottom
Fly In, Carter II, Fly Out
Steady Mobbin'
Me And My Drank
Don't Get It

Posted by Gio on Sunday, 03.24.13 @ 01:28am

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