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Should N.W.A. be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame?

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n.w.a. sick group eazy e r.i.p. eazy sarted this shit

Posted by adrian smith on Tuesday, 08.12.08 @ 11:30am

as a group the pioneers of gangsta rap and they changed the face of pop culture

Posted by baby blood on Tuesday, 08.12.08 @ 22:28pm

they're the best

Posted by Monkee on Sunday, 10.5.08 @ 21:00pm

Yes Ice Cube and Eazy-E have already been honored, but it was NWA that needs to be honored as a whole. NWA like Public Enemy took a stand and fired back at the establishment. NWA however was blunt, raw and in your face. They also blazed the path for all other gangstas in todays music. There was no way you could miss their message. No other group has been contacted directly by the FBI for their lyrics. For that ACCOMPLISHMENT alone, NWA is overdue for their props as the pioneers of gangsta rap!!

Posted by Tampa T on Monday, 10.6.08 @ 20:29pm

they had their own era in the early 90's no duh they should be in the hall of fame

Posted by c on Saturday, 01.10.09 @ 15:08pm

They originally werent in the hall of fame???? GASP! They really deserve the spot, they practically FOUNDED Gangster Rap... who didnt like F*** the police and Express yourself?

Posted by FD on Saturday, 08.29.09 @ 22:32pm

any 1 who dosnt like n.w.a should not listin 2 rap

Posted by dean on Tuesday, 12.8.09 @ 13:44pm

They Shook Up The World!!

Posted by Trip on Saturday, 12.11.10 @ 06:03am

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