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Should Outkast be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame?

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The Best group ever

Posted by Mzone on Saturday, 10.4.08 @ 16:09pm

"ATLiens" alone should get them in...

Posted by MJD on Tuesday, 10.7.08 @ 02:29am

this is one of the best groups out there, there style of rap is original and fresh and very noteworthy

Posted by bigreese on Friday, 05.22.09 @ 11:52am

Best Hip Hop Duo of all time come on.their would be NO Atlanta rap scene today without these dudes and Goodie Mob. They put in missy elliot before these dudes..... they got to be in it this year. "Atliens and Aquemini" ARE TIMELESS CLASSICS. Who can touch Andre 3000 on the mic? He is all time top 5 by himself. Then add in Big Boi's unduplicated flow and underated slick rhymes..... COME ON!

Posted by DDB on Saturday, 05.30.09 @ 10:39am

Even Idlewild included not a weak album, kept hip hop ambitious

Posted by John Aster Habig on Saturday, 07.28.12 @ 10:57am

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