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Should Scarface be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame?

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Scarface is a lock for a hip-hop hall of fame.

Posted by Chris on Sunday, 01.4.09 @ 23:53pm

One of the greatest ever. I would put him with 2pac, Biggie, Eminem, and Jay-z

Posted by Andrew on Wednesday, 09.9.09 @ 16:58pm

KING of the south! Nuf said.

Posted by CHI CITY on Tuesday, 01.5.10 @ 18:42pm

When it comes to southern hip-hop, There is Scarface Then everybody else. The greatest to ever come out the south and top 10 of all time. A hall of famer for sure

Posted by The Sir on Wednesday, 05.5.10 @ 01:50am

Scarface is the real KING of the south......Nobody else comes close. Face has been in the game for over 22 years and always kept it real and NEVER sold out to sell records. Any real hip-hop fan can respect that and the standard he has set for other MCs. LONG LIVE THE KING

Posted by 501money on Wednesday, 05.5.10 @ 01:58am

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