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Should Soulja Boy be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame?

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he's the worst person ever to put himself into the hip hop industry. not much to say about him

Posted by venuss on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 05:24am

He's The Worst Rapper, He Killed Hip Hop.

Posted by Still-Rhymin' on Monday, 12.8.08 @ 17:19pm

Hey let's not go crazy on ol boy here. Just cuz you don't like his music doesnt mean its not good. In fact just because you generally like good artistic music doesnt mean that an artist you don't like doesnt produce good meaningful music. What soulja boy does is annoying and i really don't like seeing all these white kids goin crazy on his songs but i think the old timers would be proud of him. He took his skill set and made himself from nothing, that's more representative of hip hop than most anything going on in the game today. Peace and wise up

Posted by Maghreb on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 20:23pm

He still garbage

Posted by rap genius on Wednesday, 03.4.09 @ 04:01am

soulja boy swear his swag is all that he's nothin and the only people who do like him is little ass kids nigga tryna be a role model arab look better than him he probably rap better too!
and...soulja boy damn sure aint no soulja

Posted by ms tt on Tuesday, 04.7.09 @ 10:41am


Posted by bigreese on Friday, 05.22.09 @ 11:55am

oh my god, yess helen keller! thats cold but true

Posted by geogeo on Sunday, 05.24.09 @ 07:31am


Posted by maya on Thursday, 07.30.09 @ 16:16pm

Im not saying that he killed hip hop. But he has absolutely no lyrical skill (he says 10 words in a verse) or flow. He's on a kindergarden level.

Posted by BC on Sunday, 08.30.09 @ 11:40am

Wise up? True that we don't like his style while he does his thing. But his style is not hip hop. It's more like Hip Pop, maybe worse. So ppl can like him as much as they won't, no problem. But he don't deserve to be honored for contributing to the true art and culture of hip hop. And it's not a new school vs old school factor, because there are a lot of new school artist that give hip hop a good name.

Posted by zee on Monday, 09.14.09 @ 02:46am

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