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First Record in: 1989

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Should Special Ed be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame?

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special ed should get honored because he was an educated rapper he was cool with his words he knew how to use big words and make it sound dope if u ask me he had it made

Posted by mike wilson on Tuesday, 07.29.08 @ 15:19pm

I wonder how many cars Ed has now?, Ed very much deserves to be in the Hip Hop Hall of Fame, who was as smooth and had charisma, style and talent like Ed did?, who kicked it off at only 16 years of age, with an album that many consider a classic.

Special Ed is one of the dopest to ever grab a mic.

Posted by Jaz on Friday, 02.20.09 @ 03:08am

yes indeed ed deserves to be inducted into the hall

Posted by aj on Monday, 04.27.09 @ 19:02pm

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