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Should T.I. be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame?

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listen to ti music real good he aint corny and he be makin alot of sense when he rap but his style is diffrent

Posted by chantia on Tuesday, 05.19.09 @ 10:43am

his music is great, it isnt corny and it all makes sense, hes telling a story. you guys need to listen

Posted by bigreese on Friday, 05.22.09 @ 12:10pm

Hall Of Fame should not be a popularity contest. TI is hot now but will he be remembered in 10 years? I doubt it

Posted by Trip on Saturday, 12.11.10 @ 06:19am

i believe we all make mistakes at one point or another and t.i is human. he has made his en the hall fame thing, he really deserve that despite his mistakes.

Posted by osoro on Tuesday, 04.19.11 @ 13:21pm

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