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First Record in: 1990

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Should Vanilla Ice be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame?

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No love for Vanilla Ice?

How could you forget the wonders of "Ice Ice Baby"?

If he doesn't make it, then they should honor him indirectly by placing Jim Carrey in the Hall. After all, his "In Living Color" performance deserves some kind of recognition.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 06:21am

Hell No

Posted by Leon on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 15:53pm

I'll never forget that one show. It was an "In Living Color" musical compilation episode.

Jim Carrey as Michael Bolton and Vanilla Ice

Tommy Davidson as M.C. Hammer

Kelly Coffield as Madonna

Jamie Foxx as Michael Jackson

Absolutely the best episode EVER!!!

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 17:43pm

Yo V.I.P Kick It!

Posted by Leon on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 21:10pm

He's better than 2Pac!!!!! j/k

Posted by hiphopwhitegirl on Thursday, 10.15.09 @ 04:30am

yeah vanilla ice is better than pac thats bullshit vanilla ice is in the ranks of souljia boy and lil wayne complete garbage

Posted by logic on Wednesday, 10.28.09 @ 10:23am

hell yea boys, and who the hell would would think of saying that 'bout them

Posted by Cool hip hop jammer on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 08:54am

you know, he is the best whit rapper, besides the Beastie Boyz. he is awesome!

Ice ice baby!

Posted by tatertot22 on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 09:04am

He riped off queen!

Posted by vw on Wednesday, 05.5.10 @ 08:42am

vw you are a dumb ass you dont no what your talking about

Posted by me on Wednesday, 05.5.10 @ 08:44am

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