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About Grandmaster Caz, Cora Brown wrote:
  If you were to ask any Hip-Hop veteran and or any Artist that truly know Hip-Hop This Same Question They Would Totally agree, That Yes GrandMaster Caz Should Absolutely Be Inducted. One of the first To ever do It and has been living, Hip-Hop Working his Craft to the fullest and still after 30 plus years can go toe to toe with any and all comers. Totally Loved and Respected By Most.
Tuesday, 09.12.17 @ 01:36am
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About Kid n Play, Pete Flores wrote:
  First hip hop duo to have a Saturday morning cartoon.
Sunday, 07.17.16 @ 20:27pm
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About Hurby Luv Bug Azor, Pete Flores wrote:
  Hurby luv bug Azor first hip hop producer to produce a gold rap record.Needs to be consider.
Sunday, 07.17.16 @ 20:25pm
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About Buckshot, cw wrote:
  Buckshot's not going anywhere.
Thursday, 07.7.16 @ 17:15pm
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About Big Punisher, Eddie Santiago wrote:
  Big Pun is who I grew up with, and has been influential ever since. I really think he belongs as a hip hop legend.
Sunday, 05.24.15 @ 17:10pm
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About Tupac Shakur, Eric wrote:
  There will never be another, He holds the biggest influence over all artists to this day. If you think there was a bigger influence in Hip Hop or Rap you're crazy.R.I.P.
Thursday, 08.14.14 @ 13:42pm
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About Buckshot, Epic Gage wrote:
  Buckshot been around since the real early 90's
Saturday, 06.14.14 @ 08:53am
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About Eazy-E, jay wrote:
  Eazy-E's solo record was great, but he should just get in for NWA.
Wednesday, 04.2.14 @ 11:07am
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About Tupac Shakur, Marty Khan wrote:
  Tupac was truly the best rapper ever. I look up to him and he helped take the pain away in my life. R.I.P. MAKAVELLI!
Wednesday, 07.24.13 @ 15:09pm
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About Eazy-E, Vidas wrote:
  Eazy-E should get much more respect.
He's the godfather of gangsta rap, we can say he "created" it, we all know that Ice-T was first, but with N.W.A. help they made gangsta rap popular.
Saturday, 07.20.13 @ 08:13am
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About Pitbull, Navy wrote:
  If he were still doing songs like the shit off his first 3 albums, then I'd say maybe. But the closest his sell out, pop artist ass should ever get to the Hall of Fame is sitting in the audience.
Wednesday, 07.10.13 @ 10:25am
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About Drake, Brickleberry wrote:
  Only idiots who don't know shit about hip-hop would say yes.
Wednesday, 07.10.13 @ 10:15am
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About the Induction Criteria, Christopher D wrote:
  first off
get real instruments
get a REAL band to play your over used 4 4 timing drum beats....
add your typical 3 chord backing melody..
TALK into your micro phone off pitch or on. doesn't matter.and bam.
a rap/hiphop artist is made.
eminem may be the biggest money making rap artist.
but he will never be as influential as Led Zep, Metallica, mozart,vivaldi, the clash, black sabbath and ect..
all hip hop rap artist do in the end is talk....into into a mic....
thats it..
really impressive.
you must be a musical genius to have thought it up.
no disciple or music knowledge. i bet not a single popular hip hop artist could even play an instrument to a click track. its sad...that people love talkers more then composers..
thats it....and you people worship that?admire words?
read a good book then..

steal melodies from others.
steals media, and dumbs our society a hell of alot more then the tv shows the government presents us. if you feel so soulful with words go read a religious book if you need that.
music is made from hard work and disciple with your instrument.
I teach guitar,piano, violin, drums,upright bass, flute, and the sax....and i can rap.. which does not take talent...playing real instruments does..writing real instrument music is a lot more complex then the simple minded crap people spew on the mainstreams, and on this easily influenced society. rap preys on the simple minded.

Tuesday, 06.11.13 @ 13:01pm
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About the Induction Criteria, Rap365 wrote:
  1 biggie
2 tupac
3 nas
4 Eminem
5 nwa
Wednesday, 04.10.13 @ 15:11pm
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About Lil Wayne, Gio wrote:
  Tie My Hands
Shoot Me Down
La La La
Tha Mobb
Best Rapper Alive
Hustler Musik
Mr. Carter
Let The Beat Build
Something You Forgot
Nightmares Of The Bottom
Fly In, Carter II, Fly Out
Steady Mobbin'
Me And My Drank
Don't Get It
Sunday, 03.24.13 @ 01:28am
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About Lil Wayne, Gio wrote:
  You people are sick, it's a shame you blast someone with a drug addiction. All of you should definitely watch the Carter documentary before you judge. For the guy who said Wayne sucked before lollipop, you're a joke. Carter II was arguably his best album. That was before "Lollipop" wasn't it? Let me be clear, Wayne was on his way to greatness but drugs really destroyed him. Anyone can tell the differance. He began his codeine addiction after Carter III, he was forced to stop because of a prison sentence In which he released "I Am Not A Human Being." which was a good album. Now he's back on Codeine, almost died, and I've listened to "I Am Not A Human Being II," which he's been recording while on drugs, and it's not that good. He has a few good songs on there like Trigger Finger or Gunwalk but overall the album isn't that great. If you think Waynes whole career was trash, you should slap the shit out of yourself. I'll suggest some songs to you that should change your mind.
Sunday, 03.24.13 @ 01:26am
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About the 2008 Predictions, Damien wrote:
  why nas would be put so down low is ridiculous. I also don't why will smith is on this. other then a few ridiculously stupid things on here is say its alright, should be fixed though
Wednesday, 03.13.13 @ 23:26pm
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About the 2008 Predictions, LEGEND wrote:
  Why was Eric not honoured
Saturday, 03.9.13 @ 02:35am
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About Nas, dai kash wrote:
  well nas z alegend
he has the sickist flows
Wednesday, 03.6.13 @ 00:51am
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About Bone Thugs N Harmony, dai kash wrote:
  now these guyz re very sick
their re so bad
the wall their fall it really getts mi crazy 4 really
they re the bad 1
Wednesday, 03.6.13 @ 00:43am
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About the 2008 Predictions, carlos wrote:
  Not baf list. But cypress hill and Nas should be lower and even short but one of the greatest big pun is not on the list
Wednesday, 02.20.13 @ 14:49pm
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About the Induction Criteria, kevin thornton wrote:
  Some how...hip hop needs to recognize these old school artists who opened up all the doors for this new hip hop generation...I mean when I Go to a Show and see somebody like Grandmaster Caz or Kool Moe DEE Or Kool KEith or RED Alert or standing on back of the line but some new rapper or dj walkin straight past line and inside ...thats ridiculous....Wish I could make some type of hiphop legend championship ring or id card so that these old school male and female hip hop legends can be recognized by alllllllllllllllll these new artists who dont even know who paved the way
Tuesday, 02.12.13 @ 23:55pm
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About the Induction Criteria, kevin thornton wrote:
  First off...Before i get to the rap aspect of it all....lets talk hip hop .....Kool Keith of the legendary ultramagnetic mcs was one of the best pop lockers in ny..The legendary Shack crew dancers were well known..I remember Keith practicing in living room with other legendary electric boogie dancers loose Bruce and Supreme..This included dancin in the movie Moscow On The Hudson starring Robin Williams and dancin ON national tv for Ronald Reagan at the Presidential convention...That was hip hop...I saw him weekend after weekend dance alongside rock steady and many other dance groups back in the day....Now comes the rap side of Kool Keith...As the group Ultramagnetics #1 mc ..Keiths style was unique out the gate...the group held their own at all the hot spots in new york and overseas on the same stage with all the hottest rappers and rap groups back in the day... Ask any Dj in ny..ask any old school rapper or rap group about Kool Keith or Ultra..
Tuesday, 02.12.13 @ 23:44pm
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About Ultramagnetic MCs, kevin wrote:
  Ultramagnetic Mcs have held it down on the same stages with raps old school legends..There beats are still being heard on todays records and sampled by djs on fri and sat...when you say hip hop have to say ultramagnetic..ask them ny rap legends....THEY KNOW
Tuesday, 02.12.13 @ 23:27pm
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About Kool Keith (Dr. Octagon), kevin thornton wrote:
  First off...Kool Keith has been an icon to hip hop ..period....As the leader of the group Ultramagnetic mcs,they were on stage holding there own at all the old school new york spots on the same stage with every old school rapper or group in ny.....latin quarters...the fever...zulu nation anniversary in bronx river...How many rappers came after kool keith who took something from his unique style and wardrobe...if u talkin old school and you not mentioning Kool Keith or Ultramagnetic.....You must be young to this..just ask any rapper or rap group from back in the day who
Tuesday, 02.12.13 @ 23:19pm
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About the 2008 Predictions, kevin thornton wrote:
  was jus wondering how can i get my brother..keith thornton aka kool keith to be honored as hip hop legend....the group ultramagnetics sound is still being sampled today....i keep reading how kool keith is such a unique rap artist..and has been mentioned by many rappers as one of the best...
Tuesday, 02.12.13 @ 22:53pm
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About the 2008 Predictions, jay wrote:
  Ja Rule, Eve, Cypress Hill and no EPMD come on this had to be some young person looking at sales and other stuff that didn't live in the times when Erick and Parrish were Making Dollars. Everybody loved EPMD, I bet if you asked the people on your list every one of them would put them in their top 50.
Friday, 02.8.13 @ 13:11pm
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About DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, jay wrote:
  These guys were the first grammy awards winners in the rap category. People may hate but Jeff with the beats and scratches and Will's flow, you might have thought it was corny but it would kill any of the rappers today. Look what they started at and what they are today, great story. And everybody still plays Summertime every summer and that was not even one of the best cuts, do your homework they had some of the best pure hip hop songs back in the day. He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper = ridiculous pure hip hop.
Friday, 02.8.13 @ 13:07pm
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About Gang Starr, jay wrote:
  These guys are hip hop. Especially with the passing of GURU its the perfect time to honor these guys. They should have been honored when he was living. Golden Era!!!
Friday, 02.8.13 @ 13:01pm
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About EPMD, jay wrote:
  They should have been honored. EPMD come on man they are the best hip hop group ever. Just listen to their discography back in the day everybody loved them. They are the artists favorite artists.
Friday, 02.8.13 @ 12:56pm
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About the Induction Criteria, WILL wrote:

Friday, 02.8.13 @ 07:06am
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About the 2008 Predictions, Trevor Degre wrote:
   Thank god that Lil Wyane isn't on this list hahaha and it needs to specify that only Busta Rhymes in the 90's was good.
Thursday, 02.7.13 @ 10:25am
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About the Induction Criteria, Micelirlincor wrote:
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Thursday, 01.24.13 @ 22:09pm
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About Big L, Priorttholugh wrote:
  After we consider the concise explaination the idea of really enjoy, not only in comparison to its a captivating marriage along with a different, nonetheless like a emotion that is definitely engendered when you've got miltchmonkey the best relationship with yourself very ( space ) or even just as being a a sense increased oneness spouse and children or simply man : therefore it develops into even more crystal clear that all everyone is looking for in your everyday living is definitely really enjoy.
Thursday, 01.10.13 @ 03:05am
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About the Induction Criteria, moncler coats wrote:
  this is really cool, I like here!
moncler coats
Monday, 01.7.13 @ 04:29am
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About the Induction Criteria, Andy wrote:
  From the 80s to mid 90s there are still a HUGE number of ARTists that should be inducted before so many. I can definitely agree about the comment "why Missy was chosen before Queen Latifah I'll never know," but my main focus is on a group that to this day is still one of THE MOST influential groups of its time and artists still use their sound, style, and hooks today, even us members on their albums to spark a good sound. I'm talking about one of the greatest all around HIP HOP groups of all time and that is BONE THUGS ~N~ HARMONY!!! They have been overlooked for WAY too long and it's time they all 5 get recognized especially since they've been together and on the scene for 20 years! Much respect to all hip hop ARTists but don't forget to include the 5 thugs from Cleveland that are Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish, & Flesh. Not to be overlooked as well on of the sickest beat makers of all time and that is DJ UNEEK. ~BTNH~
Monday, 12.31.12 @ 15:05pm
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About Eminem, taylor wrote:
  eminem is the greatest rapper dead or alive. he doesnt degrade women or talk about unnecessary stuff he's a real person and he gets angry and sad and shows his love for his kids and has gone through more than enough hell in his life to help others get through it too. an amazing artist!!
Tuesday, 09.4.12 @ 13:26pm
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About Immortal Technique, Parrish wrote:
  Immortal Technique does the real thin,u know what am saying.
Wednesday, 08.29.12 @ 07:12am
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About Big Punisher, GEESAV wrote:
Sunday, 08.5.12 @ 13:45pm
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About KRS One, GEESAV wrote:
  Without a doubt hip hop's Greatest Artist in my book! GO BRONX BABY!
Sunday, 08.5.12 @ 13:39pm
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About Outkast, John Aster Habig wrote:
  Even Idlewild included not a weak album, kept hip hop ambitious
Saturday, 07.28.12 @ 10:57am
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About Kid Rock, John Aster Habig wrote:
  does he really count as a rapper?
Saturday, 07.28.12 @ 10:55am
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About Tupac Shakur, Chamil wrote:
  King Of Rap.....Never Forgotten....Rest In Peace
Wednesday, 07.25.12 @ 01:55am
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About MC Shan, chuck wrote:
  Shan has done great things for hip hop! I believe he needs to be honored.
Tuesday, 07.24.12 @ 06:28am
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About Big L, computer repair las vegas wrote:
  When I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there any method you may take away me from that service? Thanks!
Tuesday, 06.26.12 @ 16:18pm
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About Lauryn Hill, Tyler wrote:
  "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" was hip hop's first Album of the Year at the Grammys. That must mean something...
Friday, 06.22.12 @ 21:43pm
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About Aaliyah, Moises wrote:
  damn its been 10 years already smh just a sad monemt everytime I think about it she was truly an angle with some great music to provide. In addition,I've heard that she was a very nice individual as well damn its hard to find artist like her where everybody want to be a diva and have an attitude ughhh and if Dame was goin to merry her would it be Dame & Aaliyah and Jay & Bey that would of been nice given that ALL of them were friends back then :)))) but now all i can say is RIP : (
Tuesday, 05.8.12 @ 06:36am
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About Talib Kweli, Yumi wrote:
  I think this record is very dope. I think those who know Hi-Tek and Talib, they are use to miankg real hip hop records. Well I think this is a real hip hop record except its not the garbage crap you hear in the clubs and radio. This record is funk but very creative and I think thats why Bootsy Collins wanted to be apart of it. But this record is good so please don't knock Hi-Tek. I remember him saying on twitter saying he felt he was in his funk mode at the time.
Tuesday, 05.8.12 @ 00:23am
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About Big Punisher, HUGS FROM PUN wrote:
  HFP Foundation is seeking music professionals to volunteer their time to serve the children of our community in the Brronx,NY/Orlando,FL areas. With your help in mentoring and training in the music field you'll be making a difference by helping to "Build Today's Youth". If you are a currrent or retired established vocal coach, choreographer, music instructor, producer/engineer, DJ, have excellent instrumental skills (piano/keyboard, guitar, drums, violin, etc..) please contact Nicole Rodriguez via email and attach a resume to: Either myself or Director will contact you.
Wednesday, 04.25.12 @ 09:17am
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About Big Punisher, HUGS FROM PUN wrote:
  To make his dream possible, his sister Nicole Rodriguez opened the Hugs From Pun Foundation in hopes of “Building Today’s Youth’ Through mentorship and music, our children can be inspired from greatness within their own communities. Our mission is to inspire and uplift our youth by providing an outlet to prevent children whom are victims of abusive households or exposed to everyday negativity to repeat the cycle in their adult lives. Furthermore, keep our children out of trouble and in touch with their creativity for a bright future.

HFP Foundation is now excepting both used and/or unused (working) instruments,music books/tutorials or money donations to make dreams possible for our children. By donating you will help kids fulfill their dreams to gain the skills to become artists, musicians in their future. Help keep our children off the streets and occupied with something positive that will change their lives. Please mail instruments or Money orders to P.O Box 771463, Orlando, FL 32877 Attention:Nicole Rodriguez/Hugs FromPunFoundation. Any questions email:

Wednesday, 04.25.12 @ 09:17am
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