Hip Hop Honorees

The following are the honorees from VH1's Hip Hop Honors, which serves as a starting point for Future Hip Hop Hall of Fame. The actual Hip Hop Hall of Fame had its one and only induction ceremony in 2002, and inducted 15 members (Afrika Bambaataa, Crazy Legs (member of the Rock Steady Crew), DJ Kool Herc, Dondi (graffiti artist), Doug E. Fresh, Grandmaster Flash, KRS One, LL Cool J, Notorious B.I.G., Queen Latifah, Run DMC, Russell Simmons, Salt N Pepa, Slick Rick, and Tupac Shakur). All of whom have subsequently been honored by VH1 except Doug E. Fresh.

Plans for a Hip Hop Hall of Fame have been in the works since at least 1998 by a few different parties, but as of yet there is no physical home for its inductees. There was supposed to be an awards show in April of 2008 in conjunction with BET, but it never materialized (neither did the one planned for February, 2005).

The National Museum of Hip-Hop has been trying to get funding for a home in the Bronx, but has had trouble with funding and has caused a rift in the hip-hop community. It's also brought threats of legal action from J.T. Thompson, who owns the rights to the "Hip Hop Hall of Fame" name.

More recently, the Universal Hip Hop Museum is trying to get established in the Bronx.

If you know of any updates on the planning, let us know.

*Future Hip Hop Legends is not affiliated in any way with the Hip Hop Hall of Fame, the National Museum of Hip-Hop, the Universal Hip Hop Museum or VH1.

ArtistYear HonoredCategory
Hype Williams 2017Videographer
Mariah Carey 2017Performer
Martin Lawrence 2017Comedian
Lil Kim 2016Performer
Queen Latifah 2016Performer
2 Live Crew 2010Performer
J. Prince (Rap-a-lot Records) 2010Record Label
Jermaine Dupri 2010Performer
Luther "Luke" Campbell 2010Performer
Master P 2010Performer
Organized Noize 2010Producer
Timbaland 2010Producer
Def Jam Records 2009Record Label
Cypress Hill 2008Performer
De La Soul 2008Performer
Isaac Hayes 2008Performer
Naughty By Nature 2008Performer
Slick Rick 2008Performer
Too $hort 2008Performer
A Tribe Called Quest 2007Performer
Missy Elliott 2007Performer
New Jack Swing (Teddy Riley and Andre Harrell) 2007Producer
Snoop Dogg 2007Performer
Whodini 2007Performer
Wild Style 2007Film
Afrika Bambaataa 2006Performer
Beastie Boys 2006Performer
Eazy-E 2006Performer
Ice Cube 2006Performer
MC Lyte 2006Performer
Rakim 2006Performer
Russell Simmons 2006Producer
Wu-Tang Clan 2006Performer
Big Daddy Kane 2005Performer
Boyz N the Hood 2005Film
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five 2005Performer
Ice-T 2005Performer
LL Cool J 2005Performer
Notorious B.I.G. 2005Performer
Salt N Pepa 2005Performer
DJ Hollywood 2004Performer
DJ Kool Herc 2004Performer
The Graffiti Movement 2004Graffiti Artist
KRS One 2004Performer
Public Enemy 2004Performer
Rock Steady Crew 2004Breakdancer
Run-DMC 2004Performer
The Sugarhill Gang 2004Performer
Tupac Shakur (2Pac) 2004Performer