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About Grandmaster Caz, Cora Brown wrote:
If you were to ask any Hip-Hop veteran and or any Artist that truly know Hip-Hop This Same Question They Would Totally agree, That Yes GrandMaster Caz Should Absolutely Be Inducted. One of the first To ever do It and has been living, Hip-Hop Working his Craft to the fullest and still after 30 plus years can go toe to toe with any and all comers. Totally Loved and Respected By Most.
Tuesday, 09.12.17 @ 01:36am

About Kid n Play, Pete Flores wrote:
First hip hop duo to have a Saturday morning cartoon.
Sunday, 07.17.16 @ 20:27pm

About Hurby Luv Bug Azor, Pete Flores wrote:
Hurby luv bug Azor first hip hop producer to produce a gold rap record.Needs to be consider.
Sunday, 07.17.16 @ 20:25pm

About Buckshot, cw wrote:
Buckshot's not going anywhere.
Thursday, 07.7.16 @ 17:15pm

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